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Jessamine Diane
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United Kingdom
stitch by etsukushii
Stamp: Jedi by 8manderz8

Welcome to wonderland (my profile)! I'm Wonderland-Rebel, Jess, the girl who climbs down rabbit holes looking for adventures. I love my girls, McKenzie and Eliza. :love: They're the best things in this world. I'd really appreciate if you took the time to look through my gallery, paticularly anything I've written. I draw but writing is where I really shine. I'm very protective over my work and most of it is too precious to share but it'd mean a lot to me to get some feedback and encouragement about the art I have here on DeviantART. I find that comments are more meaningful than faves. Anyone can press a favourite button but if you comment then I'll know you really did look at my work. Mahalo for your time.

Art Status ~

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You might have noticed that I've been active and commenting again and that I've taken all of my deviations out of storage (and deleted a few) and I've posted some new stuff. It's still very early days with my recovery from severe OCD, but I'm trying to get into creative stuff again. I've been drawing, but not writing yet. Writing, as you hopefully know, is my main passion. I feel it's what I'm best at.

Drawing; I'm back on Procreate now. For a while I couldn't figure out how to colour in the updated version so I stopped using it, but I Googled how to do it and came across a magic trick on YouTube. I've mostly been drawing Lydia, so you won't be seeing what I've drawn online. I've also been using an app called Art Set on my old iPad. I must say I'm using an old version of the app. I've been quite happy with what I've made on that. All six of my new pictures were made on Art Set. Now I'm back on Procreate I plan to draw more, but as I'm not entirely sure what I'll draw I don't know if I'll post any of it. I hope to create lots of art, both private and personal and stuff to share on DeviantART with you all.

As for writing, I really hope I can start doing that again soon. It's something I will work towards, but I don't think I will have any writing that I'll be able to share online. I kinda lost interest in CinderBella. Believe it or not but it was originally going to be quite a dark story, but without that darkness it's just crappy and embarassing so let's forget about it for now. Jesus christ, why can I never create anything good!?

I want to be active on DeviantART again, even though this place is practically dead, LOL. I don't know why I'm saying LOL because the deadness of this place is not funny it's actually really depressing. I remember back in ye olden times when me and my friends used to frolic around DA, happily wasting our lives on the internet. Those are good memories. I really am desperate for encouragement with my creative pursuits as well. I could really do with a lot of support as I try and get back into it.

Oh and return of the Jedi? Well my name's Jedi right and I'm obviously the only Jedi so... Yeah no one gets the title. If Manda were here she would understand.

That's all for now, aloha!

Edit 7th February ~ I've changed my profile a bit, added some more stamps, including one of my muse which I am very excited about. I always get over-excited about my Idina. :heart: Anyway, I also decided to change my art trade and point commision status to 'ask me' instead of 'closed'. That's because, I don't want to directly open a floodgates because of I'm still recovering from illness, but it'd be nice to have some art that I can look forward to getting or points that I could use to buy art or host a contest with. I plan to get down to buisness and finally start working on my book (yes my precious Liddy story!) this year and I could really do with some decent pictures of the characters. And yes Felicia, that includes you. Shout out to that attention-craving character of mine. :XD: So yeah if you're interested in trades or point comissions then just ask me and I'll see what I can do. Also! Just to point out I won't have real money comissions open probably until I'm fully recovered from OCD and get to finally do the things I never got around to because illness was too important. Like I don't even own a bank account. Really. And I'm twenty one. But, when I do own a bank account the first thing I'm gonna do is buy another dog. I have big plans for this third dog.

Also, I want to start drawing tonight but I'm unsure what to start with, could you maybe all help me decide? Since I'm not a fan of the Emma Watson casting in the live action film, I thought I'd draw the REAL Belle, animated Belle, because I've seen her doing a really cool pose which I like. To go with my comic and Vagina Beast (look in the scraps for the vagina if you haven't already). And I also want to do the Meet The Artist thingy. So comment on what you want to see first, Belle or Meet The Artist!

Edit 9th Febuary ~ No one commented on this so I drew Belle first. Need ideas for Meet The Artist though. IDK what to draw myself wearing or what pose to draw myself in. I know I'm including McKenzie and Eliza but that's it.



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Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017   General Artist
Only trolls pay attention to my art, it's so depressing.
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017   General Artist
I really want this therapy to work, then maybe I can move on from being the shitty person that I was and blossom into something better.
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017   General Artist
Two years ago I try to improve myself so I make this account with a new name and a new identity, hoping for a fresh start and I'm still the same shitty JessamineDiane underneath it all. Bugger to bananas.
9fanforever9909 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :cake:
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016   General Artist
Thank you!!
9fanforever9909 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :)
BigBlackEyes Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there! My tablet isn't working so I cannot get onto kik but I just really wanted to say hi and ask how you were doing! Huggle! 
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016   General Artist
Hi Shania. I'll message you and Manda on Kik later.
Chibivi-Linearts Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Hi! Thank you so much for the :+fav: of:

Christmas Pony by Chibivi-Linearts

I'm glad you like it *-*
And a quick info: if you're interested, you can colorize this lineart any time you want. ^-^ My Linearts are free for coloring,  but for sure it's just an offer, you don't have to color it! :heart:
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